Athanasios Gotsopoulos

I am a machine learning and automation engineer working for Neural DSP. At the same time I am working on finalizing my PhD in Computational Neuroscience at Aalto University.

I have a background in Music Technology (Bachelor degree from Sibelius Academy, 2017) and in computer engineering (Diploma from University of Patras, 2011). I have collaborated extensively with the Proteomics Lab of University of Helsinki, where I did my Diploma thesis.

I am located in Helsinki since 2010. I've been musically active in various forms (check music section) and I enjoy writing code that generates code. I run " Choros22 , an obscure music space-label.



Below you can find content related to my doctoral studies.


My Google Scholar profile can be found here. My ResearchGate profile can be found here.

Visualizing brain maps manually can be an overly time consuming process. To automate this process I created a visualization tool for MATLAB. It is based on the NIFTI format and it can be found in my personal Github page

Neurosynth is an interesting website based on a huge meta-analysis. Its interactive design allows searching for particular features and their corresponding tentative locations in the brain. Still it is not panacea; it should be used to produce rough functional or for location based references.

Neuroscience News presents interesting results of recent studies in a light and comprehensive way even for people with no neuroscientific background.

I also like a lot the brainder blog.

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Music is my main hobby. On June 2017, I got my Bachelor degree in Music Technology at Sibelius Academy with a thesis in Pitch detection algorithms.

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I have been wondering what to answer when people ask me what kind of music I like. Since I hate labels, I thought the best answer is to make my own radio. I believe that this answers sufficiently that question.

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While I experimented with Javascript and WebAudio combined with my interest in Algorithmic music I created this. Another realization of algorithmic music based on Markov Chain models can be found here. You can listen to an example here.

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I enjoy composing and producing music. I experiment with various styles and sounds. You can hear some examples in my Soundcloud page. I also have an old MySpace page that I haven't maintained for years.

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While exploring realtime audio capabilities of WebAudio I started making a spectrum analyzer to help with my graphic EQ. You can see an example here. (Warning: My host's SSL certificates are messed up and you might get a warning that the website is unsafe, or you have to enable the microphone input). Code can be found here.

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About me

You can contact me by e-mail. Contact info is on the right.

You can find my CV here.

A list of publications can be found here. Both are written using ShareLatex.

Images in this website are either mine or generated by LoremPixel.

Visiting address:

F Building, Rakentajanaukio 2 C, 02150 Espoo

Postal address:

Dept. of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science,
P.O.Box 12200, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland


(name).(surname)[ at ]gmail[ dot ]com

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